Colombian Peace Community Attacked: Take Action Now


At 10:15 AM on Friday December 29th, four paramilitaries entered the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó in Colombia and tried to assassinate Germán Graciano Posso, the legal representative of the community. The attack took place in a community store and luckily, other unarmed community members present were able to fight off the armed attackers. Two paramilitaries were detained by the community, handed over to the interior ministry and then to the Fiscalía. Two paramilitaries escaped. However, reports now claim those who were arrested have already been released.

This most recent attack is incredibly alarming. It is emblematic of the ongoing systematic targeting of activists and communities in Colombia who strive to build nonviolent futures. Germán Graciano Posso, whose life was threatened in the attack, has already lost thirteen members of his family during the armed conflict, including his father and two brothers.

Take action today to demand:

  • Immediate, effective protection for Germán Graciano Posso of the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó, and all social leaders and human rights defenders throughout Colombia.

  • Strong condemnation by the US State Department of the ongoing threats and assassinations of social leaders.

  • Prompt and complete implementation of the peace accord with the FARC--and the forthcoming accord with the National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrilla group, when completed--including meaningful inclusion of Afro-descendant and Indigenous peoples throughout the implementation process.

  • Protection of of Indigenous and Afro-Colombian peoples’ territorial and other collective rights, provided through meaningful inclusion and consultation with Afro-descendant and Indigenous peoples.

  • Publication—as required by law—by the US Government of the worldwide list of foreign security forces that have lost funding under the Leahy Law.

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