Governor Brown: Pardon Cambodian Refugees & Stop the Deportations!

Governor Jerry Brown


In the last year, the Trump Administration unleashed a series of raids that have resulted in the largest deportation of Cambodian refugees in United States history. In the past few weeks, ICE agents have raided Cambodian communities across California from San Diego to Stockton. These raids have been devastating to our communities because parents, siblings, friends, children, and community leaders have been snatched and caged in detention centers, uncertain about their future and often leaving their families without their breadwinners. We know that dozens of Cambodian refugees could be saved from deportation if Governor Brown issued a pardon on their behalf, something entirely in his discretion.

A pardon from Governor Brown could stop the deportation of community members like Borey (PJ) Ai, who was born in a refugee camp, survived a school shooting, and although imprisoned at age fourteen, went on to to be instrumental in creating widespread juvenile justice reform. A pardon provides individuals who have turned their lives around a chance to stay with their communities and their families, rather than being deported back to a country where they have no family or community support.

Tell Governor Brown today that he must pardon our Cambodian American community members and keep our families together.

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Dear Governor Brown,

Over the past year, the Trump Administration has unleashed waves of devastating raids on Cambodian refugee communities. No state has been hit harder than California. The people deported came here as children fleeing a genocide. California is the only home that they have ever known.

We thank you for intervening by granting pardons to many Cambodian refugees facing deportation. In the face of yet another round of ICE raids, we ask that you use your pardon power to defend Cambodian refugees and California.