Petition: To the Wealth Holders of the World "Call for Resources for Youth Climate Action"

Wealth Holders of the World


We the Youth have been denied our ability to flourish on this earth. Society has been left to us unequal and uncertain. Monetary necessities force us to take upon the roles of exploitation that promote the spiritually degrading consumerism and materialism we resist. Men and women come to shake
away sustainability with a blank stare.

BUT, together we can take action and call for help.

Global wealth holders are not heartless actors. However, nor do we believe they are beyond reproach or accountability. We must call upon the best of these men and women to provide clear funding potential. What we are calling for is nothing less than that term ‘intervention’, and it is the only way to take back our world.

This strategic organization is not for our personal benefit it is for our
survival. We hope you will see the merit in our cause, and if not, we do not
have time to wait. We must come together now.
Signed Fearfully,
The Youth of the World

Let's invite all those who have financial and other enabling resources for youth climate action to come to the table of global climate change talks in Bonn and let's find together entry points for them to support climate action that leaves nobody behind.

To: Wealth Holders of the World
From: [Your Name]

letter/message of the petition signer to the traget/wealth holder
asking them to read the Call and the COP23 president invitation letter for the Climate Action Giving Pledge dinner in Bonn: