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Host Guidelines - Climate Strike Map of Ireland - 29th November 2019

Thank you for your interest in holding an event!

If you are organising an student-led action this November 29th, you can add your event to the map so that more people can see it!
Any one (e.g. a student, school or group) can host action, it just needs to be clear enough for others to sign up to attend.

Your action can take any form: a strike, walk out, sit-in, banner drop...

There are bigger events set to take place in cities around Ireland but you can hold your climate strike or action anywhere - whether it's a local centre of government, your school gates or somewhere else in your local area that feel it should happen!

If you want to organise an event, click 'host an event for this event campaign', create an account and add your event details . Then anybody else can attend your event, and you can contact them to keep them updated about your event (as long as they opt in to your email updates).

If you want, you can choose to share your email address or phone number so attendees can get in touch with you directly. For students under 18, we strongly recommend that you don't share any personal details online. If you would like a way for people to contact you in your area, you could set up an email account that your parent/guardian can access e.g. leitrimclimatestrike@gmail.com.

The shorter and more descriptive, the better.
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Add Banner Image (optional)

Upload an image or banner below. Your image should be 1500px wide by any height (600px is suggested). It will be scaled to a final size of 750px wide.

This is shown to people before they RSVP. Let them know what the event will be like and why they should attend.